Blu-ray Software is Running Slow

Blu-ray discs are super efficient digital optical discs that are capable of storing hours of HD video.

These discs are created in a highly complex environment to support HD audio and video connectivity. These drives were basically designed to succeed the DVDs. The present versions of Blu-ray discs are much faster than previous versions, and they can boot up in seconds. Still, in comparison with other media options, Blu-ray drives are a little slower.

There are many reasons for a Blu-ray disc performance slowdown, the major ones are described in brief detail below.


Encryption of the Drive

In order to bar rogue users from copying the disk contents, the Blu-ray drives are always encrypted. A commercial video playing software can easily decrypt it without much fuss. PowerDVD is one such software that can decrypt Blu-ray discs easily. It is available for $50.

Another option is to use VLC media player. VLC uses the H.264 codec to execute the drive. Many users complain that VLC becomes slow while they are watching a movie. This is all due to the decryption process, which is a must nowadays. A simple solution to this problem is to get a player that uses multi-threaded codecs for H.264 cores. VLC uses a single H.264 codec and that’s why it can’t process the information on a faster scale. A multi-threaded codec can easily accomplish this task within seconds.


Upgrade the Video Card

Many Blu-ray users have solved this problem by simply upgrading the video card. According to them, the Blu-ray software requires a high powered graphics card, hence by upgrading to a better one, you can easily get rid of the problem then and there.


Drive Stuck in PIO Mode

A drive that is in the PIO (Programmed input/ output) mode won’t be able to perform at its maximum level. In that case, the drive will be performing at a diminished rate and cause frustration as well as time wastage. The best way to resolve this issue is to remove the driver of the disk drive. All you’ve got to do is to simply remove the disk driver and add a new one. This simple step will at once remove the PIO mode off the drive.


Try a Commercial Video Playing Software

As stated earlier, the reason a commercial video playing software is needed to handle a Blu-ray drive is due to the decryption codecs. Regular video playing software programs like VLC etc aren’t cut for that type of video editing. You will need to buy a license to use them. For example, PowerDVD is one good example of a media player that is designed to handle Blu-ray discs.


Clean the System Disk

You might be having a computer that is filled up with clutter here and there. You probably aren’t aware of the damage a computer system filled up with clutter can cause, and the Blu-ray running slow is surely one of the after effects. In that case, simply put the house in order by cleaning the system disk. You will have to get a decent system cleaning software to do the job for you, ST Cleaner being one good example. It allows you to automatically clean away junk from vast sections of the system easily, efficiently and swiftly!

Click Scan to perform a thorough diagnosis of the computer system. Once the scan brings up results, simply click Clean Now to fix the mess.

ST Cleaner user interface
ST Cleaner user interface

Raza Ali Kazmi

Raza Ali is content editor and publisher at Sorcim Technologies.