Delete WinZip Junk Files

The iconic WinZip is well known among most of the people, as it has been in the market for more than a decade allowing consumers to compress a file to transfer to another device in a convenient way. However, just like any other software,

However, just like any other software, WinZip has some flaws, such as leaving a pile of junks behind once it’s utilized for performing certain tasks. This article demonstrates how to remove such junk files out of the system to regain the wasted space back.



Solution 1: Delete the Temporary Folder

When WinZip is being used, it retains the files which are either being added to the archive or extracted from the archive in this particular location known as the TEMP folder which is located at the following location in a windows system. The entire folder isn’t always removable. However, the following steps demonstrate how to remove at least temporary files related to the aforesaid archives to gain more space back to the system.

  1. Navigate to the following local address by entering it in the address bar in the Windows Explorer / File Explorer:
  2. Select all the files by pressing Ctrl+ A keys simultaneously.

    Selecting all the files
    Selecting all the files
  3. Press the Del button to delete all the selected temporary files. Note that this not only cleans leftover of the WinZip, but also of other programs releasing a large space back to the user. especially if it’s not done for a while.


Solution 2: Use The WIPE Feature

Wipe feature is not necessarily a junk file cleaner, but rather a sophisticated approach to wipe out files, which were encrypted and temporarily extracted to use, securely from the hard drive in order to prevent them from being recovered later on. This is mostly useful, for instance if the files were temporarily extracted to view or use them, but wanted to be removed securely, this function can be used for that matter. The following Steps first demonstrate how to extract encrypted files from a ZIP archive, and then use the Wipe function on them.

  1. Open the WinZip file on the Windows Explorer / File Explorer by double clicking on it on the mouse.

    Opening the file through WinZip
    Opening the file through WinZip
  2. On the WinZip archive, select the folder to view or double click to access.
  3. Extract the files as seen in the following screenshot.

    Selecting to extract the files
    Selecting to extract the files
  4. Select a folder and finalize the Unzipping process.
  5. Once the files were moved to a different location or made use of, select the files to be removed, and click the Wipe button to permanently remove them from the system. The special thing of the Wipe function is it also makes it hard to recover those that were removed.


Solution 3: Clean the Recent/Frequent Menu

When WinZip is being used for a while, over time the recent/frequent menu is filled with names of folders/archives used within the WinZip client. Removing them doesn’t yield a significant amount of space back. However, it’s worth to try especially if there are a lot of entries.

  1. Navigate to the following web URL:
  2. Download Registry Key Jumper and then extract the downloaded archive into a folder as seen in the following screenshot.

    Extracting Registry Key Jumper
    Extracting Registry Key Jumper
  3. Execute it, and copy paste the following registry path in its Jump textbox:
    HKEY_CURRENT_USER\SOFTWARE\Nico Mak Computing\WinZip\mru
  4. Clicking on the Jump button will take the user to the particular location in Registry Editor stated in the registry path.
  5. Locate the archives folder, right-click it and click Delete to remove it. It’s advisable to make a backup just in case if things went wrong. Select Export to create a backup of the particular registry entry.

    Deleting the archives folder
    Deleting the archives folder

Raza Ali Kazmi

Raza Ali is content editor and publisher at Sorcim Technologies.