Kill Ping Review, Which Games Can Be Optimized Through It

If your Internet connection is suffering from high Ping then Kill Ping might prove to be the perfect antidote you’re looking for.

Kill Ping is basically a gaming application that is designed to reduce Ping of online games by optimizing your Internet connection and connecting it to its own servers. This results in a vast reduction in the Ping value. Today, we’re going to put it through the test to see firsthand how well it works.

Kill Ping makes smart use of its dedicated servers scattered at 30 different locations throughout the world to provide a seamless online gaming experience. It does however, suffer from a few issues sometimes.


Supported Games

One of the great things about Kill Ping is that it supports almost all popular online games. Whether it is DOTA 2, League of Legends or Counter Strike: GO, you can be assured of a much lower and tolerable Ping value once you decide to make use of Kill Ping. At times, this software is a bit slow and scratchy in responding. Kill Ping supports the following games:

  1. Overwatch
  2. Battleborn
  3. Doom 4
  4. Counter Strike: GO
  5. League of Legends
  6. DOTA 2
  7. World of Tanks
  8. Blade & Soul
  9. World of Warcraft
  10. RF Online
  11. Tera Online
  12. Minecraft

Even if you don’t find the game you want to play on the list, don’t worry. Kill Ping allows you to add custom games to reduce the lag.


The Pricing

Considering how useful it is, Kill Ping is quite affordable. It currently offers 3 different plans that have been customized to a need-based package. Currently, the monthly plan costs $8.99 and the semi-annual plan costs $4.99 per month. The annual plan is the most economical one, as it costs only $1.66 per month.


Customer Support

Customer Support has to be easily one of the best features of Kill Ping. They are always very delightful to talk and helpful. If you are someone who values customer support, look nowhere else.



This is where Kill Ping’s flaws become noticeable. Kill Ping is only supported on the Windows platform and there hasn’t been any announcement as of now about its introduction for the Mac or Linux platforms.


How To Use Kill Ping

Simply download Kill Ping from the official website and install it. You’ll be required to sign-up for the service online. Once the installation is over, launch Kill Ping as an administrator. You’ll be asked to provide your login credentials to get started.

Enter the login credentials and click LOGIN
Enter the login credentials and click LOGIN

Select the game you want to play and click the NEXT button.


Now you’ll be presented with a list of regions to choose from. Select the country for which you want to join the game server.

Select the server of your choice
Select the server of your choice

Now you’ll have to select the server with the lowest Ping from the list of servers you’re presented with.


Finally, click NEXT to launch the game.

Click on NEXT to initiate the gameplay
Click on NEXT to initiate the gameplay

Raza Ali Kazmi

Raza Ali is content editor and publisher at Sorcim Technologies.