Quicken 2017 is Painfully Slow on Computer

Quicken is a personal finance management application which covers a range of financial areas from spending and saving, investing and retirement, property and assets, loans and debts to invoices.

This is not only helpful for business owners, but also for individuals in maintaining records and generating reports. Even though the application is mainly targeted for the North American user market, it’s also tailored for certain markets around the world. Due to the popularity of the application, it is widely used by millions of users around the world. This article addresses problems related to the performance that many users encounter while it’s being used. To quickly boost Quicken’s speed on your system, you need to overhaul your entire computer. Tasks such as cleaning junk, fixing registry errors and optimizing computer settings can make Quicker run faster. You can use RegInOut System Utilities to increase it’s speed. Download it here from the official and safe download link;

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Solution 1: Fetch the Latest Updates

If any updates are available, download them to improve the performance, and fix any bugs. Quicken regularly releases updates which can be easily obtained through the application itself.

  1. Launch Quicken via its desktop shortcut.
  2. Click on Help, and then Check for Updates to receive the latest updates.

    Checking for Updates
    Checking for Updates


Solution 2: Adjust the Backup Settings

Quicken provides an inbuilt function to store the backup of the data stored in the application’s database in the local file system. This is quite useful in a scenario if the current database goes corrupt or if the folder where the database is stored is removed accidentally. Additionally, the manual backup feature reminds the user to keep the backup in another location in case if the whole hard drive is failed. However, if the application has a large amount of data, and if it’s being used in a traditional hard drive (HDD not SSD) especially when the hard drive is either on PATA (Parallel ATA) mode, the application will probably lag for some time when it’s being backed up. If this eventuality happens regularly, simply follow these steps to tackle the lag issue.

  1. Open the application, click Edit in the menu bar and then select Preferences.
  2. Now select the Backup item under the Setup heading.

    Select Backup
    Select Backup
  3. Now adjust the numbers depending on the amount of data stored in the application’s database, as well as the performance of the computer. If you aren’t sure about the numbers, simply enter the values stated in the following screenshot.


Solution 3: Validate and Repair the Database

Validating and repairing the database helps to fix certain underlying problems in the database in case if it’s corrupt for some reason. The validation step checks for any inconsistency of the data, missing data, spaces and errors in blocks. It’s a fairly common occurrence that certain blocks in the database go corrupt over time and they might be filled with blank records which hinder the performance when the database is being read. Use the following steps to improve the overall performance of the application.

  1. Open the application, and click on File from the menu bar.
  2. Select File Operations, and then select Validate and Repair.

    Going for Validate & Repair
    Going for Validate and Repair
  3. In the Validate and Repair Your Quicken File window that will subsequently optn, select all the checkboxes, and click OK to initiate the validation and repair.

Raza Ali Kazmi

Raza Ali is content editor and publisher at Sorcim Technologies.